July 7, 2017

Dear EYC Family:

After 9 wonderful years of working, singing and having fun with young singers, I must dissolve Encore Youth Chorus. Please understand that this decision was made after careful prayer and consideration.

Over the years, we have made some beautiful music together. Many young people have formed abiding friendships. I am so very thankful and so very blessed by each and every one of you.

Parents, thank you for trusting me with your precious ones.

It is my hope that everyone will continue to be involved in music! To that end, I have looked into several programs  and have had conversations with other directors. I strongly recommend you explore the following options for your students:

Crossroads Baptist Church; Terry Ghiselli, an Encore Director, is now Minister of Music for Crossroads Baptists Church. He and Sharon Rainwater (another Encore Director) will be doing a Tuesday evening program for young singers. Contact Crossroads Baptist Church for more details.

http://www.cbcsa.net or 210-681-1911

IMAGO at First Baptist Church San Antonio; IMAGO is the fine arts school at First Baptist Church who allowed us to use their facilities when we hosted the Christian Choral Music Festival back in 2015. A wonderful facility with wonderful people. Suzie Rocha, Crystal Jarrell Johnson and Aaron Hufty are all incredibly qualified musicians and directors. They are going to begin a new choral program this season. For more details: https://www.fbcsa.org/imago or 210-249-2505

San Antonio Youth Choral: Limited to students 13-18 years of age. I don’t know as much about this organization, but what I do know about them is positive. For more details:

http://www.sayouthchorale.org or 210-320-3525

Check these out and determine which one is the best program for your student and family.

I will miss all your sweet faces. I will mis your sweet voices. But life brings changes and so we too must change.

Everyone, please stay in touch!

With much love an affection, Truly,

Nancy Oehlert

Director, Encore Youth Chorus