2015 Spring Semester

2015 Spring Semester Fees –

Pay Online, by Mail or at the 2015 Fall Semester Kick-Off Meeting TBD.

Download the EYC Registration Form  – EYCRegForm2014

Multiple Family Discounts (Scroll Down)


Child 1 – $ 150.00 each


2 Children/Same Family – $ 150 each ($300 Total) 


3 Children/Same Family – First 2 -$150 ea., Third Child -$120 ($420 Total) 


4 Children (or more) Same Family – First 2 -$150 ea.,            Third – $120, Fourth -$ 90.00 each ($510.00 Total)                                                     (Call if registering 5 or more children from same family) 


For example, a family with 3 children in EYC would pay $ 420.00 and a family with 4 children attending would pay just $510.00

Fall Semester Fees on August 1, 2014 increase to $150.00 per child for the first 2 children. $120.00 for the third child and $90.00 for the fourth (or more) child(ren).

There will also be an additional uniform fee due later in the year. This ranges between $60 and $75 for each student member.

Additional Music Fee, Treble Choir  –  $20.00

Additional Music Fee, Chamber Choir  –  $  20.00

Download the 2014 EYC Registration Form  – EYCRegForm2014

You may also mail your check OR bring a check along with the Registration Form to the Kickoff meeting (TBA) or first rehearsal (TBA). New members may present registration form and payment as late as the second rehearsal of 2015 (TBA).

***Please make checks payable to “Encore Youth Chorus, LLC” and bring to rehearsal OR send to:

Peak State / EYC

5804 Babcock Road     #392

San Antonio, TX 78240


EYC rehearsals are held at the Crossroads Baptist Church is located at the corner of Guilbeau and Tezel Roads.

Physical Address: 8300 Tezel Road, 78254


QUESTIONS?: Please contact Terzah –  terzcota@sbcglobal.net OR Christy – loneapron@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “2015 Spring Semester”

  1. I am trying to sign up one child for Encore and when it takes me to my paypal it is saying I owe 405.00. I am trying to sign up before the July 31 deadline. Thank you.

    1. We are working on this problem. Please try again later or just send a check dated July 31, 2014 to:
      EYC/Peak State
      5804 Babcock Road #392
      San Antonio, TX 78240.

      We apologize for any inconvenience. Webmaster

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