I’d like to welcome you and your family to Encore Youth Chorus (EYC). We re glad to have you. We are excited and ready to begin the 2015-2016 season, our seventh year. Our goal is to enrich your child’s musical education through singing, hard work and a lot of fun, too!

The Student/Parent handbook is designed as your guide to EYC and our expectations. Please take time to read through the handbook with your child. We will communicate any updates as they occur throughout the year. Please check our website frequently for the latest information – EncoreYouthChorus.com

We try very hard to keep everyone updated and informed. Please help us by making sure that you are on our Facebook page to receive emails and bulletins. If you do not have access to the internet, please be sure that I (Nancy Oehlert) am aware of this.

As with most organizations, our chorus will be successful because of the efforts of our volunteers. There will be opportunities to help throughout the year. I would like to thank you, in advance, for your willingness to serve and be an active participant.

Again, welcome and I wish you all a wonderful year in chorus!


Nancy Oehlert, Director


Encore Youth Chorus Handbook



Encore Youth Chorus (EYC) members are expected to attend every rehearsal and performance. The rehearsals are sequential, each building upon the next, leading up to performances which cannot be complete without the voice of every chorus member. Our schedule is posted (see Appendix A) early in the year to fit into busy schedules. In order to ensure the success and growth of the chorus, the following attendance policy is in place:

1) For an anticipated absence, parents must notify the director by phone, email or note at least 24 hours prior to the absence in order to be excused. For an absence due to illness or emergency, parents should notify the director as soon as possible.

2) Only two (2) unexcused absences per semester are allowed. If there are more than two (2) unexcused absences within a semester, the chorus member risks not being allowed to perform with the chorus at the concert unless arrangements with the director are made. The director will decide whether the chorus member is adequately prepared to continue in the chorus and to perform in concerts.

3) Dress rehearsals and performance in the Christmas and Spring concerts are mandatory. Chorus members must attend the dress rehearsal in order to perform in a concert.

4) If the chorus member has a stuffy nose or scratchy voice and is fever free, he/she should still attend rehearsal even though he/she may not be singing.

5) Please arrive to rehearsals on time! Rehearsal can only be successful when everyone does their part to be there from the start. Excessive tardiness can result in the chorus member being dismissed from the chorus at the discretion of the director.

6) Please pick up your chorus member promptly. It is very important that each chorus member is safely off of the premises within 10 minutes following a rehearsal. All chorus members must wait inside the building until their parents arrive. This is for the safety of everyone.


The Encore Youth Chorus was created to give musically motivated students the opportunity to create beautiful music in an energizing and nurturing atmosphere. Excellent conduct from chorus members is expected at all times. Behavior problems are not acceptable and may result in termination from the chorus at the director’s discretion without refund of fees.


All cell phones in the rehearsal area must be turned off 5 minutes before rehearsal begins. The exception is: parents or other non-chorus members in the rehearsal area may leave their phone on but must set them on silent or vibrate mode. If you receive a call, in order to minimize any disruption, please leave the rehearsal area before you answer it. In the event of an emergency, if you must reach your chorus member during rehearsal, call Nancy Oehlert at 210-416-3312.  Your child will be pulled from the rehearsal and have them contact you immediately.


Encore Youth Chorus will perform 2 Christmas concerts and 2 Spring concerts as indicated on the schedule. (see Appendix A) All chorus members are required to participate. These concerts are free and open to the public. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. Chamber,  Treble and Men’s Choruses will have up to 5 additional concerts during the holiday season. Members and their parents will be notified of additional concerts as soon as possible.


In order to feel well and prepare your voice for a performance, please avoid all milk products, fried foods and all beverages containing caffeine for a period of at least four hours prior to a performance. Eat healthy meals and drink lots of water. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle with a lid to keep your vocal chords hydrated.


Chorus members are required to purchase the necessary items for performances. Deadline for having your chorus member’s proper performance attire will be October 28, 2015. Group and individual photos will be taken at rehearsal on October 28, 2015. Please refer to Appendix B for details.


The tuition for Encore Youth Chorus is $225 per semester. This fee is due no later than the second rehearsal of each semester for new members. If, for whatever reason, a chorus member resigns or is asked to leave the chorus, no fees will be refunded.


The music for the chorus is chosen at the discretion of the directors. Each chorus member is responsible for keeping his/her music safe and in good condition. Chorus members are responsible for replacing lost or damaged music at their own expense. Music is to be marked in pencil ONLY. Please be sure to bring a pencil to each rehearsal.


Parents play a huge role in EYC. Without the help of parents, we would not be able to keep our fees as low as they are. We encourage all parents to step up and help.


Encore Youth Chorus cannot function and succeed without the participation and dedication of our parents. You play a vital role! We appreciate all efforts of parents to do the following:

1) Make sure that your chorus member is at all rehearsals on time and with all the necessary items (music, water w/lid, pencil, etc.

2) Inform the director of anticipated absences as early as possible.

3) Make sure that your chorus member’s uniform is clean and in good order.

4) Pick up your chorus member promptly after all rehearsals or arrange with another parent for pick up.

5) Understand that repeated tardiness in picking up/dropping off a chorus member for rehearsal or performance can be grounds for dismissal from the chorus.


Chorus members must be properly dressed, (see Appendix B), in their place and ready to sing at or before the call time. Hair needs to be kept out of the eyes and behind the shoulders for longer hair. This applies to the ladies and the gentlemen. Bobby pins, pony tail holders, etc. should be black or match the color of your hair so that they disappear. Only clear nail polish may be worn or none at all. Only small, stud earrings may be worn. No bracelets, necklaces, anklets or watches are allowed. **Good personal hygiene is a must.** No hairspray, perfume or cologne.


Parents often have questions and concerns and may be unsure how to address them:

1) Always feel free to email or call the director. noehlert@sbcglobal.net 210/416-3312

2) Please wait until after a rehearsal to address questions or concerns with the director.

3) Addressing issues directly with the director helps to avoid miscommunications and gossip.


Rehearsals will be held on Wednesdays.

Junior Chorus will rehearse from 1:00pm to 2:00pm.

Senior Chorus will rehearse from 1:00pm to 2:15 pm.

Men’s and Treble Choruses  from 2:15 to 3:15 pm.

Chamber Chorus  from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

It is essential that chorus members attend EVERY rehearsal as information is taught sequentially. During rehearsals, more than just notes and good choral tone are worked on. Posture, confidence, teamwork, responsibility, focus, controlling nerves and good self-esteem are also incorporated into rehearsals and performances.

Parents and other visitors are always welcome to sit in the back of the room quietly and enjoy the rehearsal. However, the rehearsal atmosphere is not conducive to young children, and we ask that they not be in the room during rehearsal. Please do not embarrass the director, yourself, and your chorus member by being asked to leave a rehearsal.


Because we strive to maintain a productive and focused atmosphere, be mindful when dressing for a rehearsal.


Chorus members are highly encouraged to bring a bottle of water WITH A LID to every rehearsal. Water is needed to hydrate the vocal chords and precious rehearsal time cannot be taken for water fountain breaks. Remember: ONLY water is allowed at rehearsals (no soda, Gatorade, tea, etc).


Appendix A – 2015-2016 Schedule

Mon, Aug 31, 7:00 to 8:00 pm – Parent/Student KickOff Meeting At Crossroads Baptist, Sanctuary – 8300 Tezel Road, San Antonio 78254

***ALL Rehearsals are held at Crossroads Baptist Church unless otherwise noted***

CBC is at the corner of Guilbeau and Tezel Roads – Physical Address: 8300 Tezel Road, SA 78254

Wednesday,  Aug 26; 12:00Noon – First EYC Rehearsal (All fees due for RETURNING members)

Wednesday, Sep 9; 12:00Noon – Second EYC Rehearsal (All fees due for NEW Members)

Wednesday, Sep 9 – Audition for Men’s, Treble and Chamber Choirs – (Sep 16 is first rehearsal for these 3 choirs)

Rehearsal Dates for Fall 2015

August 26 – First rehearsal

September  2, 9, 16, 23, 30

October 7, 14, 21, 28

October 17, 6:00 pm – Late Nite Madness Rehearsal

October 28 – EYC Portraits starting at 1:00pm (at CBC)

November 4, 11, 18   *Nov 27th – Off for Thanksgiving

December 2 – is a ‘run thru’ of the concert.  Everyone needs to be there from noon-3pm

December 3 –  Christmas Concert 7:33pm   *7:03 Call time

December 5 – Performance at San Antonio Riverwalk for Men’s Treble and Chamber; *5:30 Call time

December 7 – EYC/HOST Concert (Details TBA)

December 9 – Christmas Party  12noon-2pm  location TBA


Additional Chamber & Treble Performances TBA



2016 Spring Semester Schedule

January 6, 13, 20, 27

February 3, 10, 17, 24

March 2, 9, 16*, 23, 30  *possibility of one week off for Spring Break   TBA

April 6 – Run-through for Spring concert; 1:00-3:15pm

April 7 – Spring Concert; *7:03 Call time

April 14  End of year party  noon-2pm  location TBA

April 25 – Concert with SA College and HOST, Details TBA



Appendix B – Concert Dress/Uniforms


Gentlemen: Purchased uniform.  Black dress pants (preferably with no cuff); Black belt, socks and dress shoes

Ladies: Purchased uniform. Black, close-toed shoes (flats only, NO heels); Black slip and taupe or tan knee highs/ hose


Gentlemen: Purchased uniform.  Black vest and black tie; Black dress pants (preferably with no cuff); Black belt, socks and dress shoes

Ladies: Purchased uniform.  Black, close-toed shoes (flats only, NO heels); Black slip and taupe or tan knee highs/ hose


Ladies: Purchased uniform.  Black, close-toed shoes (flats only, NO heels); Black slip and taupe or tan knee highs/ hose; Matching necklaces


Gentlemen: Purchased uniform.  Black vest and black tie; Black dress pants (preferably with no cuff); Black belt, socks and dress shoes


Gentlemen: Black tuxedo with cummerbund, maroon and black bow ties

Ladies: Black gown; Black, close-toed shoes (flats only, NO heels); Black slip and taupe or tan knee highs/hose; Matching pearl earrings and necklaces.

ALL uniforms to be completed/ordered and ready before Oct 28.